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1. The Organization shall lend mutually agreed support to the establishment and the operation of the Centre as described in paragraph 2 below.

2. The Organization shall provide technical assistance for the establishment and operation of die Centre, including the preparatory phase, the launching phase and the phase of normal operation.

a. During the preparatory phase, the Organization shall provide support to the Centre for the identification of suitable professional staff, the preparation and testing of course materials, the training of core professional staff, and the selection of material to be translated into  Arabic  for  purposes  of educational  planning  information dissemination in the region.

b. During the launching phase, the Organization shall provide technical assistance for the running-in of the training courses; and expertise to assess the quality and relevance of the training activities of the Centre and to advise on suitable ways to strengthen its performance.

c. During the phase of normal operations of the Centre (i.e. once the launching phase is completed), the Organization shall:
 - Provide the Centre with relevant materials published by it and by IIEP.
 - Provide or assist in obtaining technical assistance, for the development of training materials and  for participation as resource  persons or guest lecturers in training activities;
 - Provide advice on research and training activities of the Centre at the request of its Director;
 - Associate staff of the Centre with relevant UNESCO activities in the region and elsewhere; and
 - Provide evaluative advice on the performance of the Centre with a view to assisting it in reaching and/or maintaining high levels of professional performance.

d. The Organization shall facilitate access of the Centre to the relevant: know-how and the services of its own  institutes and regional office in particular the Know-how and   the  services  of the UNESCO  international   Institute  for  Educational   Planning,  the UNESCO   Institute   for   Statistics,   the   UNESCO   Institute   for information Technologies in Education, the UNESCO Institute for Education, the UNESCO Regional  Bureau for Education in the Arab States Region ( Beirut ) and UNESCO Office in Doha.